July 5, 2023

Props & Pistons 2023

Greetings! Join us for a day filled with the joy of flying, family fun and food! Attend our Fly-in, Drive-in event on July 29th, from 8am-2pm. […]

Welcome to The Houlton International Flying Club

Flight, Plane and Training

The Houlton International Flying Club has origins back to 1958. The flying club has had some great years in the past, but was inactive since the 1980’s when the club sold its airplane. In 2016, several previous members and new aviation enthusiast got together to consider re-activating the club with the mindset of purchasing an aircraft. This was completed over the winter and in March 2017, the club became owner of a 1968 Piper PA-28 Cherokee providing its members with a rental plane for both lessons and general aviation travel.

The Houlton International Flying Club is open to all those interested in flying regardless of pilot status. Interested but not sure what your next step should be?Give us a call and we'll help answer any questions you might have. Contact us now!